Personal Training

Personal Training

Our Personalised Training sessions are conducted in a semi-private environment for increased motivation and decreased cost to you. These sessions are the most effective method of achieving results.

Once we complete your complimentary goal setting session, Lesley will get to work using her expertise in program design to create a proven, results-based plan that is specific to your needs and goals. Even though you’ll be sharing the Studio with up to three other people you will still receive a personalised program at no extra cost.

You’ll attend our unique 30-minute sessions that utilise a strategic timing system, which is not only time-efficient, but also trains your muscles in a way that achieves maximum results. Your periodised training program is a science-based and research-proven methodology that guarantees results – fast!
Who are these sessions for?
Women and men who want to achieve a lean, toned or muscular physique, with an efficient metabolism (your fat-burning engine), boosted energy levels and increased vitality.

Strength training will reduce your stress, your sick days and your love handles!

You will not only change your body shape and feel energised, but you’ll also increase your bone density, reduce the risk of chronic disease and you’ll look and feel fantastic.